Classes are offered in RAD Ballet, ISTD Modern and Tap, Jazz, Street Dance, Contemporary, Singing, Musical Theatre and Acrobtics. Both examinations and performance opportunities are offered. Examinations offered at H.T.D.C are government recognised qualifications and at a higher level can hold U.C.A.S points towards entrance to university.




Classes at H.T.D.C follow the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus, children can begin classes from the age of 18 months. Ballet is suitable for boys and girls and is the foundation of all dance.

Classes for younger children are based around exploration of imagination, creativity, patterning and musicality, while learning the basic arm lines, leg lines and positions with the first ballet steps.

As ballet training progresses so does good posture, strength, flexibility, musical appreciation, control, grace and instilled discipline. Through ballet, fluidity of movement and precision of thought and positions can be encouraged.

The opportunity to study Pointe work is offered to all girls deemed suitable at the appropriate age and level of achievement.

For exceptionally talented students, the opportunity to progress to the RAD vocational grades is offered.




Classes follow the syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing including the new grades, offering the chance to learn different styles of tap, develop a strong sense of timing and most importantly to make lots of noise!

Tap is an exciting, rhythmical form of dance and an essential for any professional dancer.

A variety of music is used for added interest and education including ragtime, jazz, swing, musical theatre and up to date tunes.




Classes follow the syllabus of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing developing the use of stretching exercises, exploration of different styles and enjoying dancing to popular music.

Modern dance adapts to the ever changing styles of popular dance, mixing lyrical, contemporary, modern jazz, isolations, and theatre dance. The atmosphere is less formal than ballet but still ensures discipline and holds the opportunity to take exams.

Sections of the ISTD modern dance syllabus are specifically designed for boys, this encourages our young male dancers to take part in syllabus classes.




Jazz is a non-syllabus class, this gives the students a chance to discover Musical Theatre, Street Styles, Commercial, West End Dance and new up to date moves in fun atmosphere without the need for learning examination work.

Jazz is energetic, upbeat and stays with the fashions of dance offering the chance to learn moves from music videos and shows.





Street Dance classes stay up to date with the most recent trends.  The highly energetic classes involve a mix of Breakdance, Popping, Locking and Hiphop.  HTDC run boys only classes.