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Terms & Conditions

HTDC’s Privacy notice is available on our website: 

Hillingdon Theatre Dance Centre- TERMS AND CONDITIONS

  • Fees must be paid by the 2nd week of each term and will not be refunded in cases of absence. 

  • Fees will not be refunded in cases of unavoidable closure of the school. 

  • Upon joining the school after the trial period, a half term’s written notice is required when leaving the school. Pupils can still attend during their notice period and undertake any examinations etc that might be due.

  • A 10% administration fee will be charged for late payment. This will be applied from half term.

  • Parents/ family/ friends are only permitted to watch classes on the last week of term, unless otherwise informed. 

  • Permission should be obtained from the principal of HTDC for students to take part in performing arts classes or performances with other organisations. 

  • Children are not permitted to run around the building and must wait in the designated waiting area. Do not allow your child to climb on any furniture

  • Please ensure that all hallways and walkways are kept clear of bags and belongings at all times. Sitting/ waiting in the hallways and walkways is strictly forbidden as these are fire exits that must be kept clear at all times.

  • When students have finished their classes and have left the room of the class they are no longer the responsibility of HTDC. 

  • HTDC does not accept responsibility for any injuries sustained outside of the studio or when not in a class.

  • At times student’s photographs may be taken (usually at shows/ presentations), these photographs maybe used for advertising purposes

  • At times classes or shows/ presentations may be recorded, these recordings may be used for advertising purposes.

  • If a student needs medical attention, HTDC will administer first aid if required, this may include the use of the student’s personal medical equipment e.g. epipen, inhaler, insulin injection, medication. If your child has any medical condition or need for medication please ensure all staff are aware. 



  • Students behave respectfully, at all times, to teachers and fellow members of the school. 

  • Students arrive on time. If you are late for a class, please do not enter the room until the music has stopped.

  • Please do not leave anything valuable in the waiting room at any time. HTDC does not accept responsibility for anything lost, stolen or damaged in or outside of the building

  • All students are expected to wear correct school uniform and to be well presented.

  • Hair must be in a neat bun for all ballet classes, where long enough.

Response to the Child Protection Act 2000 In order to facilitate learning and development as a dancer, it is sometimes helpful to have a ‘hands on’ approach, this is for beneficial reasons e.g. to help alignment, posture and placing.  All touch is unambiguous and professional.  The intention behind all touch is to enhance the quality of learning. If you are not happy for staff of HTDC to continue in this professional manner, please let us know immediately

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